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If you think of your household durables as a team responsible for exuding your style & standard, then you better choose the team well. You can’t just cram your home with items that spurred you a little when you first checked them out at a showroom or on a website, and then doubt your decision because they are not really as worthy as you thought they were. All of it has to do with the way the items you check out are touted. Today’s buyers are supposed to be smart and wise enough to enlist the needs they expect their purchase to cater, before they set their foot in either the conventional retail market or visit the contemporary online one. One of vital team members of the ensemble (household durables) mentioned above is a Dining Table. There are stylish, elegant, compact, large, and so many more varieties of Dining Tables available in market. Which of these types would you prefer? What should be the basis of purchasing such a furniture. Most importantly, space. How many people would you like to dine at a time? How much space in your living room are you wiling to assign to this new furniture? Would it go with your interior design? Would bringing it in make your living room appear too occupied? Would it cut the space, impeding kids from sprinting here and there all the time? These are some of factors you should consider, and consider well before you take the cash out. The conventional dining tables that are in use for centuries are substantially big to be moved to a different place inside the home or transported to a new location. This problem may require you to put extra effort in cleaning the floor area underneath the table. A dining table that we use merely for half an hour twice or thrice a day to have meals together usually serves no other purpose. We believe a dining table should certainly not be a default one stop spot for your magazines, newspapers, keys, TV remote, vase, mobile phones and their chargers etc. (the list is inexhaustible!!) Irrespective of how much we try to avoid this habit, the general tendency to put things where there’s an empty space prevails. “Smart surface area usage”and “Mobility” are the two prominent qualities we’ve infused in the design of this innovative counter-culture furniture called “The Arcane Chair Dining Console”.

The innovation behind “Smart surface area usage” is assigning it as less a space as possible on the floor, without compromising with the surface area on which the meal is to be served. This dining table that seats 6 persons has 1/3 of its surface area available to use all the time; the rest of it can be deployed or folded as per the requirement. This table is flanked by two planks of exactly the same size as its common surface area; deploying these planks results in a three-fold increase in the latter. We leave it upto you whether you wanna use it as a study table, a dining table or anything else you can possible make out of it. When we thought of the “Smart surface area usage” we figured out a way to free up the space the dining table chairs cover, as well. A small in-built closet equips this table to store all the six chairs you may want to take out at breakfast, lunch or dinner time. Keeping in consideration your needs, right above the closet rests a drawer to keep your cutlery always handy. Once everybody has had their meal, put the chairs back in and fold the planks. Expand its surface as per the requirement, take out chairs as per the requirement. Enjoy your spacious home!

The idea behind a “mobile” dining table is to let you enjoy your meals from any corner of your home, as well as to keep cleaning the floor underneath easy. When not in use, you may want to beautify the ambiance of your home by placing upon this table a vase with flowers or a basin with petals in it.

  • A multi-utility compact cutlery storage dining table with fold-able side planks, a set of 6 straight back fold-able chair and 2 simple sliding drawers cutlery storage
  • Can be used as a sleek and compact console table with hidden chairs, or as a giant dining table(when expanded) with chairs in dining room or drawing room as per different occasional usage requirements
  • Tough construction; simple and classy design
  • Made of high-grade MDF boards and vibrant paints
  • Adds a touch of luxury, grace, vibrance and style to home surrounding
  • Refer to the images for details of dimensions
  • Easy to move with the help of bottom wheels
  • Easy to make it stationary with the help of lockable wheels
  • User-friendly
  • Any assembly or installation required will be done by the MB team at the time of delivery
  • Product Type                                : Dinning Table
  • Primary Material Type               : Engineered wood
  • Primary Material Sub-type        : High Grade MDF Board / Wood
  • Secondary Material Type           :
  • Finish Type                                   :
  • Assembly Type                             : Pre-assembled
  • Assembly Required                     : No
  • No. of Drawers                             : 2
  • No. of Chairs                                 : 6
  • Recommended Surface Load    : 20-25 Kgs per drawer
  • Warranty Period                          : 7 Days against manufacturing defects; 500 days against accessory
  • Disclaimer                                    : Product color might slightly vary due to photographic lighting sources or your monitor settings
  • Prolonged exposure to sunlight can cause fading of colour / polish
  • Don’t hit the furniture against one another or on the walls as it can chip paint
  • To protect the paint/polish finish of the products, always use coasters or mats while keeping hot, cold or wet materials on the surface
  • To reduce the chance of staining, any spillage should be wiped dry with a soft cloth immediately
  • Avoid using abrasive materials like scrub pads for cleaning the surface as they may scratch the surface
  • Avoid sliding or passing items placed on your table top, it might lead to minor scratches which may hamper the finish of your furniture
  • Avoid placing items like burning candles or irons on any furniture as the heat generated from them may affect the life of your furniture in the long run, make use of candle holders to avoid melting wax touching the furniture
  • Cleaning your furniture items regularly will help you maintain them for a long time, make sure that you clean your furniture gently with water and a soft lightly damp cloth only
  • For an ageless look of the product, we recommend a 6 monthly wax rub-down for our solid-wood and painted furniture. Wood wax is easily available in online stores & local hardware stores
  • Always follow the recommended weight limit for products

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