We’re living in an era where resisting the temptation is something our generation just can’t deal with. Whatever it is, the possession is acquired right away. Why resist anyway?
However, with property rates skyrocketing relentlessly, the distance between us and our dream abode – a lavish expanse – never ceases to augment.
The Space Gaffers“, as we call ourselves is a title that best defines our modus-operandi. You may be thinking of giving your place a makeover, efficient use of space, we’ve observed, is the main determinant of the elegance and class. Transforming a sweet home into a dream home, is the visión that drives our craftsmen and creative team to produce the highly innovative and smart space saving furniture. Why check a bigger house out when the one in possession is already big enough? Just a little bit of tapping into the revolutionary ideas floating around is all what’s required.
Mod-Bit is every bit the reprisal against the challenge space crunch poses, for the thought mechanism here at Mod-Bit’s workshop keeps functioning incessantly to devise space solutions that’re simply amazing. We are trying our best to provide you a bewildering array of modular and innovative furniture you would’ve never seen before!
Let’s step out of what’s seen and known, let’s allow innovation to better our living style a bit, let’s begin the transformation!



Our mission is to eradicate the stereotypical definition of furniture. Furniture is what completes a home and it has to be elegant, utile, and worth every single penny you spend on it. Furniture can be much more than it what it seems; that’s what exactly we aim to spread the awareness about. A little creativity and innovation can save you loads of your hard earned money.

Our vision is to change the perception people have in their minds about the utility of furniture. Our space saving products will make the users realize the value of space that can be freed up by switching to Mod-bit.

Let’s talk about aesthetics now. We’ve designed our products in a way that  makes them look so compelling and tempting that they speak for themselves about their worth, strength, beauty and amicable nature.



Amarpal Singh

A management professional from IIM-Udaipur with experience of working with diverse cultures and people, loves to feel the rush that comes with biking. Taking inspiration from his businessman father, instead of taking the easy route i.e. joining the family business, he chose to organize a new venture and assume the risk for it. With the vision of an explorer and passion for delivering the best, Amar envisions Mod-Bit Amenities as nothing less than a revolution in the market.

Ankit Upadhyay

A Certified Entrepreneur from IIM Kashipur, pursuing his dreams, has taken several plunges into precarious straits that people his age wouldn't ever dare to. Having experienced the ups and downs of running a business, embracing stumbling and rising along the way, and decided to discontinue the ascent of an impressive career with one of the market giants, AON Corporation, Ankit is a rare combination of experience and determination. For him, it's his guitar and music that keep things in perspective.



What makes Mod-Bit a one stop shop for not only modular but also smart furnishing solutions is the much sought after combination of Beauty &Strength and Utility & Worthiness that our products represent. The basic features one looks for while purchasing small or big furniture is that it should look beautiful and stay undamaged for as long as possible. Yes, we offer the same, so do a lot of others in market, too. So why should the buck stop here? Because of the unique multi-utility our products serve, because of the space issues they rid you of.

Often , when people complain of  less space in their apartments, we observed that it’s not so much the space problem, as the efficient use of it. People tend to fill their homes with furniture items that eat up more than extra & permanent space and then end scratching their scalp, wondering they should have thought twice before bringing in whatever they brought. It’s the problem solving nature of our products that establishes their eminence over the competition.