THE UTILECO SERVING TROLLEY – Innovative Space Saver Kitchen Buddy

Posted on November 8, 2016 By Amarpal Singh

A Utileco Serving Trolley is an impressive add-on for getting more storage space and cooking preparation area that can be done without altering your kitchen area. Without spending significant amount of money or doing renovation work in your kitchen, you can expand the utility of your kitchen space. You can easily move the Utileco for your cooking preparation, as it has castor wheels which give you the flexibility to take it wherever or whenever you need the Utileco the most. Mod-Bit offers a foldable Utileco Serving Trolley that provides you the multi-in-one space-saving solution for your food serving and cooking preparation requirements. Here’s a miniature brief about what this serving trolley has to offer:

High-Quality Material
With the usage of high quality materials, the Utileco is going to bear up the beating over time. You can give a lot of beating to the surface of the Utileco by using it for your cooking preparations like vegetable/fruits cutting, slicing and chopping.

The foldable Utileco Serving Trolley is made up of the best quality, durable and stylish “Teak” and “American Ash” wood to last long, ensuring it provides the functionality you need for your day-to-day usage for many years to come. The good quality lockable castor wheels give the stability to the trolley, so that you can work smoothly and don’t have to worry about the trolley falling over and the common damages due to movement of the trolley.

Plentiful Storage Possibilities
Though the space-saving foldable Utileco Serving Trolley may possibly not be able to involve the drawers or cabinets, but it offers other attributes that provides for plenty of storage.

The Utileco is a three shelve trolley where you can use the top shelve as a table for cutting, slicing and chopping vegetable/fruits and for serving items at luncheon or dinners. Moreover the other two lower shelves provide you an area to store extra cutlery, serving dishes, utensils, pitchers and more. You can use hanger hooks on the handles of the Utileco Serving trolley that allows you to store utensils, pans, pots, pot holders, oven mitts and more.
You can keep the extra table-wares and other serving items nearby the dining table during a party/ get-together at your home or you may stock up the trolley with all the vegetables/fruits to move your kitchen to a place where you can also chit chat with your friends while doing cooking preparation.

Easy Storage and Portability
Most of the serving trolleys are gigantic such that they occupy your floor space permanently. They are too large to get them out of the way and it’s basically hard to move them out of your kitchen completely.
The Utileco Serving Trolley is lightweight and is so small in size that it can be easily moved to anywhere in your home, kitchen as well as your cars when you are planning for a picnic out with your wife and kids.
The impressive fold up feature of this trolley makes you put it away completely, hidden inside your kitchen cabinet or a bedroom closet or even under a bed. Depending on the way of you storing it, the Utileco won’t take up more than a few inches if you store it along its width.