About Us

We’re living in an era where resisting the temptation is something our generation just can’t deal with. Whatever it is, the possession is acquired right away. Why resist anyway?
However, with property rates skyrocketing relentlessly, the distance between us and our dream abode – a lavish expanse – never ceases to augment.
The Space Gaffers“, as we call ourselves is a title that best defines our modus-operandi. You may be thinking of giving your place a makeover, efficient use of space, we’ve observed, is the main determinant of the elegance and class. Transforming a sweet home into a dream home, is the visión that drives our craftsmen and creative team to produce the highly innovative and smart space saving furniture. Why check a bigger house out when the one in possession is already big enough? Just a little bit of tapping into the revolutionary ideas floating around is all what’s required.
Mod-Bit is every bit the reprisal against the challenge space crunch poses, for the thought mechanism here at Mod-Bit’s workshop keeps functioning incessantly to devise space solutions that’re simply amazing. We are trying our best to provide you a bewildering array of modular and innovative furniture you would’ve never seen before!
Let’s step out of what’s seen and known, let’s allow innovation to better our living style a bit, let’s begin the transformation!



Creser Red White Extendable Moving Cabinet

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Cryno Red & White Center Table (PU-MICA)

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Eco-Voguish Vertical Wall Bed

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