Folding Dining with Chairs: A Magic box with unlimited possibilities

The winter winds has started and we don’t feel like going out. Binge watching a favourite TV show or curling up with a wonderful book, coupled with home delivery of yummy treats and online shopping of groceries and vegetables – this has become the norm. After all, this is the smart age! We know what’s best because we always make smart choices. So what’s next in our smart list? The Arcane Brisky Combo(aka Folding Dining with Chairs): a Smart piece of furniture, of course!

With more and more compact spaces, the furniture should be given just enough breathing space so as to make the rooms look spacious. No wonder people are making smart furniture choices! Forget the old days when furniture served only one purpose or came in only one size. Imagine your furniture expanding into a different size or changing shape to provide a different functionality! Yes, Mod-bit is creating magic with wood, steel, fiberboards and fabrics.

“How?” you may ask. Well, consider the case of the dining table. We use them for only half an hour, twice a day. For the remaining waking hours, it just sits there, occupying a huge space that we could have used for some other activity.

While doing our research, we noticed that many families didn’t opt for a dining table because there was no space for it in their homes. If they had a dining table, it would almost fill the kitchen space or use a big chunk of their living room. This impeded free movement or made a big room look very small. Moreover, an empty space that is not frequently used becomes home to clutter. We found books, magazines, laptops, chargers, mixed with fruits, juices and whatnot on the dining table. This observation sparked the idea behind our Arcane Brisky Combo(aka Folding Dining with Chairs). This extremely compact console packs a mighty punch.

Pull out one of the chairs to quickly jot down a recipe from your favorite TV show, or sit in front of the TV cleaning and cutting vegetables for dinner. Use two chairs with the compact console for tea in the balcony with your better half. Sit with your children, working on their school art project while watching news on TV at the same time. Have dinner with family by pulling out 4 chairs and pushing up one side plank. When you have guests over for dinner, pull out all six chairs and turn this same console in a full-sized dining table! That’s three times its compact size! And when not in use, it can work as a stylishly sleek Console table.

When there’s a party or get-together at your home, give your guests the freedom to carry individual chairs into different gossip circles, while using the storage space inside the console to hide things away and reduce clutter. Isn’t Arcane Brisky Combo(aka Folding Dining with Chairs): a magic box with unlimited possibilities?

Tip for Small Rooms: If you paint the walls and the ceiling with the same bright color, it will make your room look much bigger because you can’t see where the walls end. Use a contrasting color for your doors and windows to make your room look fun and upbeat.

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