Smart furniture: Elevate the look of your space!

It was just last week that we went to visit one of our customer. We visited this customer’s home for the first time. We couldn’t stop marveling at how he decorated his home. The house was small, but it looked extremely comfortable with all the furniture. The perfect use of smart furniture was appealing.

This made our focus on one thing – on one hand we see an increasing focus on comfort, and at the same time, we see that our spaces are becoming small. Renowned designer Kayzad R. Shroff, who is known for his comprehensive designs, opines that it is time for us to move towards smart furniture. His designs reflect his liking for smart furniture which is here to stay.

Shroff runs SHROFFLEN (, a design firm known for its comprehensive architectural services. Preetam Dsouza, who is known for his compact furniture designs, follows a similar concept. The current era needs compact furniture. Compact and convertible furniture not only makes spaces look vibrant but they also cut down space wastage. Dsouza ( is a renowned design stylist who uses smart furniture to increase the appeal of a space.

Furniture like extendable cabinets or expandable dining consoles are too good to ignore and their sales are rocketing every day. Neha Vaidya (, whose designs and creations speak of it at length, makes the best use of limited spaces and makes them look dapper with smart furniture.

Another renowned designer Sanjeev Joshi ( utilizes smart furniture to make spaces look efficient and expands the utility. Spaces that are dumped with furniture look congested. People occupying the spaces may also feel suffocated in such spaces. The answer for all such problems is smart furniture. Go for it and elevate your living!

Mod-Bit is a one stop shop for not only modular but also smart furnishing solutions that makes our products represent the much sought after combination of Beauty & Strength and Utility & Worthiness.

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