Pulcro Pentagonal Nesting Stools

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Pulcro pentagonal/hexagonal stools –  light weight, easy to carry around, superbly crafted, exquisitely finished and imbued with animated colors

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We all desire beautiful, organized, well furnished and well equipped homes. Firstly, for ourselves, for it’s our pride-secondly, we want to have our guests relish the time they would spend with us, in our home. Is your home well equipped to attend a relatively big gathering? Do some guests still wait for you to bring extra chairs or stools from every corner of your home, with all the spots in your living room already occupied? If yes, what’s your plan for the next time you’ll be visited by your relatives or friends? Perhaps your living room is equipped with big sofás and extra furniture – big and small. Don’t you think showing in all that you possibly can will rob your home of its elegance? Your place won’t only look reprehensibly juxtaposed, keeping the setting organized all the time and cleaning it will give you a lot of trouble also. At mod-bit we understand the significance of space, for sufficient space lets you keep your house cleaner and makes your place look Classic. So, shelling out bucks without showing due consideration for the use value of the commodity that you are getting against the cash value your expending isn’t a smart decision – We are living in a smart era!

Pulcro pentagonal/hexagonal stools –  light weight, easy to carry around, superbly crafted, exquisitely finished and imbued with animated colors, are not only pleasing to eyes aesthetically, but are also comforting to your psyche functionally. We believe that utility is more important than making an impact on the visitors. One over the other, when stacked, these stools won’t take more space than a chair. Whenever you need a little more space for a few more guests or your kid’s gang, lifting up these stools, stacked one above the other, mushrooming them into a set of five or six stylish and durable stools in no time, you’ll have managed the space crunch the smartest way. Guests are gone! Stack them back, restore the order of your realm! If picnic is on your mind, Pulcro Pentagonal/Hexagonal Stools can be easily loaded in your car’s trunk and set up at the picnic spot. The Flat-Top-Dome design of these innovative stools is what makes them a handy product of great utility. Even your kids can carry them around, lift them up and pack them back. Placing them in different parts of your home will render a harmonious tone for your ambience.

What more can you ask for?


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3D-Dome, Normal

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Duco Finish, PU Finish, Veneer Melanine, Veneer PU


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Set of 4Pcs, Set of 5Pcs, Set of 6Pcs


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