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Terse Junior Foldable Study cum Work Table

Terse Foldable Study cum Work Table


Terse is a compact transformable study/work table, equipped with a chair and three drawers. Lift up the plank hung by hinges on its right hand side and your study table is ready. Now, easily slide the chair out of the compartment, and what you have now before your eyes is your very own personal study/work station. Terse’s three drawers have got ample space to store your books, laptop, notebooks, files, print outs and other stationery items. Lockable Castor wheels attached at the bottom provide stability and portability.

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The congested office spaces with loads of wooden tables and huge chairs banging into each other suffocating the employees and dismantling the work environment. The situation worsens when domestic staff enters the scene for cleaning; the thumping and bumping of furniture destroys the leftover aura resulting in ruffled personnel generating inefficient output.

Let’s shift our attention towards the little blooming buds in our homes; resting on their beds with a pillow for support and books placed on it. Firstly, this will result in bad posture; Secondly, concentration level already decreased by the extra comfort provided by the pillow. If not on beds then the dining table or the giant immovable table with a heavy chair; to be true those are only comfortable for having meals or placing extra items.

Study space for kids has always been an area of concern for all the parents. Study space could also be a concern for professionals operating from homes, studio flats or small apartments. Efficient use of space makes your apartment appear like a great expanse. Also, the task of keeping a spacious place tidy and organized is always easier than keeping a congested one the same way. It is quite evident that ample space poorly managed is as good as a warehouse with unstacked stock lying everywhere, we bet you don’t want such makeover for your apartment. You’ve come to just the right place!

To solve all these issues, we provide you with Terse work table. Terse Work table’s innovative space saving design and transformability makes is stand clearly out of the competition. This uniquely designed console is a place where three built-in drawers and a chair cohabit, without making it look like messy affair. By pulling up the study plank attached with hinges by its side and positioning it adjacent to the cabinet’s surface by its supporting legs, you will have set up your own study space in a matter of a few seconds. The chair inside the console can be easily slided out and put back in as and when you need. Having finished your work, store your laptop, files, notes and stationery items into the drawers, fold back the plank, slide the chair back inside the cabinet and your work station is back to its compact self. This masterpiece can be easily moved to any part of your apartment, keeping the floor area beneath it easily cleanable. Lockable Castor Wheels attached at the bottom provide stability while you’re studying or working. All the space, comfort, mobility hindrances are conquered so that apt extraction of capabilities is achieved.

Indians are taught to adjust, but for generating a productive output a human requires a restful atmosphere; and definitely the appropriate environment can never be developed with those inconvenient tables and chairs locked in crammed chambers. Bad seating can also lead to various health/mental issues and loss of desire to strive. It is proven that humans conjure fresh perceptions when provided a stress-free workspace.

So ditch the massive furniture diminishing your territory by occupying all the available space today and adapt this space saver modular furniture for flourishing your employees and children in each aspect!

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Duco Finish, Normal Laminate, PU Finish, Veneer Melanine, Veneer PU


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